Our Business Philosophy

Our vision is to be INNOVATIVE, to change the rules, routines and patterns.

Our goal is to be a major player on international e-Solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning software market, as a provider and an integrator, being recommended by the quality of our products and services we supply and by our clients' satisfaction.

Our mission is to increase our customers business productivity and competitiveness, providing easy and intelligent information systems . To create long-term, sustainable value for customers by developing, marketing, and supporting products that deliver rapid returns through lower costs and improved customer responsiveness.

Our values are to enable our customers to attain and exceed their business objectives through our partnership. We want to be the best and the most used management program for GSM warehouse based companies.

With clear minds we try to permanently and continuously analyze market changes, in our attempt to offer you the best solutions at the right time. Permanent instruction, assistance and consultancy will let us say: "let's make things go the right way . "

Company Profile

CODEC Ltd is a Romanian based company specialized in telecommunications since 1997 and is split in three business units.

CODECsoftware - specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning software development and implementation, we make an effort to create, supply and maintain reliable software products from light warehousing solutions to custom built platforms for our distinguished customers around the world.

CODECsupport - provides a full range of implementation and technical support services, directly or through its authorized partners, software updates, patches and fixes and consulting services provided throughout the working day by real time online support.

CODECservice - more than just powerful level 4 repairs for mobile phones, we excel in providing complete solutions for GSM Service Centers worldwide: know-how, full software packages, staff training, management software platforms.

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