PhoneTrack Enterprise
for medium/large mobile phones integrated business units

Products Management:

•  Easy products configurations by categories and brands through simple wizards
•  PhoneTrack is already initialized with more than 30 of most common mobile phones brands
•  PhoneTrack is already initialized with more than 500 GSM phones all with pictures
•  Unlimited product categories can be created: Batteries, LCD's, Sim Cards, Chargers, Cables...
•  Specific characteristics for each product: unit of measure, volume, market value & depreciation

Customers, Suppliers and Partners Management:

•  Easy & Flexible one time configuration for all counterparts
•  All counterparts can be assigned with specific flags for easy grouping & data retrieving such as:
•  Supplier, Manufacturer, Repair Company, Company/Individual/Repair Customer, Wholesale...
•  Full details on each counterpart: tel no's, discount, addresses, bank data, contacts, legal IDs
•  All configured details will be automatically printed on invoices, receipts and delivery notes
•  Quick search / auto completion routines for easy selecting counterpart on different operations
•  Extensive "group by counterpart" features built in sales, purchase, repairs, profit & loss reports

Purchases Management:

•  Three types of purchases available: entered in stock, waiting for check in and remote stock
•  Small shops without warehouse procedures will record purchases directly as entered in stock
•  Where applicable, companies with warehouse will record purchases as waiting for check in
•  Remote stock operations are also available when products will be sold from a remote location
•  Unlimited number of products can be recorded on each entry with full details:
•  Supplier, entry date, purchase document number, quantity, UM, grade, entry & sale prices
•  All items purchased can be scanned - by IMEI for phones or EAN for others - at warehouse
•  For each unique product purchase, an internal code is generated and printed as bar code label
•  All purchases will be reported in a special report with powerful filter / sort / group features

Sales Management:

•  Three types of sales routines available: Warehouse Sales, Shop Sales and Remote Sales

 1 For companies with sales agents, warehouse workers and complex sales procedures:

•  Sales men will generate sales orders with full details on customer, products and prices
•  In order to be packed by warehouse, manager can modify and must approve the sales orders
•  After approval, sales orders content will be packed by warehouse and waiting for delivery
•  Delivery orders are automatically generated which also require delivery approvals
•  After approval, invoices are automatically generated and sales are considered closed

 2 For street shops or companies without warehouse rules and operations:

•  Quick & easy shop sale procedure which will result in serving your customers faster than ever
•  Operators may consult available stock, select and add requested products to invoice directly
•  If scanned at entry, operator will simply scan IMEIs or product entry codes directly to invoice
•  Invoices will be automatically completed with sales prices stated at entry
•  Sales orders tracking routines are available where users & customers can check their status
•  PhoneTrack will manage all stock sales at individual item specific purchase price
•  All sales will be reported in a special report with powerful filter / sort / group features

 3 For companies working with remote locations / warehouses:

•  Sales men will generate remote sales orders with full details on customer, products and prices
•  In order to be sold from remote stock, manager can modify and must approve the sales orders
•  After approval, invoices are automatically generated and sales are considered closed
•  Delivery orders are not generated in this case
•  Remote stock is available only for remote sales and is never mixed with warehouse stock

•  All sales procedures are interconnected with warehouse, management and reception ones
•  Interdepartmental instant messaging system built in with strict tasks assignments features
•  Easy control of stock available for sale through "Organize by criteria" build in functions
•  Sales prices management according to customer credit history, configured discounts and more
•  Documents management - pack orders/sales invoices/delivery notes generated automatically

Service - Mobile Phones Repairs Management:

•  Faults management - 60 of the most common faults are built in, more can be configured
•  All faults are grouped in generic categories for easier future use: i.e. NETWORK - low signal
•  Repair actions management - 30 of the most common repairs performed in service are built in
•  Brands - initialized with 26 of most common brands on the market, more can be added
•  Complete procedures for both first time repairs and warranty returns with previous history info

 1 First time service entries:

•  Select returning customer or spend 1 minute to add a new one from entry screen directly
•  Select phone model, grade, faults reported, add personal remarks
•  Add phone's characteristics: estimate price, battery S/N, estimate job time and more
•  Unlimited number of phones can be scanned and added on each entry from one customer
•  For large quantities of phones from the same batch, automated entry procedures available:
•  Select first phone details, choose to keep them and just scan all IMEIs from the batch
•  For each phone, a device label can be printed containing all info on IMEI, customer, faults, etc
•  After adding all entered phones, print customer receipt with entry tracking number
•  Tracking number will be further used by customers to check the status of their order online
•  Receipt contains your company info, logo, disclaimer, customer details and all entry info
•  Both receipts & device labels have bar code tracking number printed for further easy scanning

 2 Warranty returns:

•  First check IMEIs of the phones entering as warranty returns for their full history
•  If model, IMEI & new reported faults match data found in device history, create warranty entry
•  All customer details will be retrieved but only new faults and characteristics will be recorded
•  Customer will also receive a warranty receipt and tracking number for further online checking

•  Service manager will then have full control over repairs stock, assigning phones to workmen
•  Technicians will record specific service details in their own name as following:
•  Actions performed, spare parts used, new faults found, own remarks, new status/grade on exit
•  Service pricing policy can depend on faults/actions/labor/spare parts/customer discount
•  Once pricing policy set up, all prices will be automatically calculated for all jobs
•  Phones from one entry can be returned to customer altogether or separate, by selecting them
•  To check out repairs just select phones and generate & print customer invoice

•  Complex service reports on entries, repairs, incomes, returns filtered/grouped by many criteria
•  Second more detailed report on devices available: workmen efficiency, spare parts and more
•  Marketing analysis on most common reported faults/actions grouped by brands and customers
•  Multiple service specific analysis that may help to understand market movements
•  Spare-parts management - prices, markups/discounts, inventory levels, configuration

Warehouse - Storage Spaces:

•  Manage & optimize storage spaces and allocation procedures, find & move lots/packages
•  Configure your own warehouse structure - with locations, aisles, racks, rows, positions, etc
•  Storage spaces have their own volume and can be designated to hold only certain type of stock
•  Products/lots tracking features, picking & packing procedures
•  Easy products handling - grouped by brand, model, grade, IMEIs, supplier, position and more
•  Define different measure units for products - liters, kg, pcs, pallet, custom boxes and more
•  Interdependencies between storage spaces and packing units (by volume)
•  Easy inventory levels management - storage rules upon expandable levels/folders/subfolders
•  Products bar code labeling - define/print product-specific or customer-specific label formats
•  Multiple warehouses support - specific warehousing operations can be performed remote
•  Lot/pallet building procedures - group products, bar-code labeling and tracking features
•  Automatic "Find & Track" routines - by IMEI, lot label, product entry code, and more
•  Storage spaces reports - occupied/empty/half-empty and detailed views every space contents

•  Warehouse manager is presented with list of tasks awaiting completion through a control panel:
•  Check in & identify/scan warehouse stock entries, based on emitted purchase orders
•  Check in & identify/scan 3rd party service returns with recording updated repairs information
•  Find, scan & pack contents of approved sales orders, print delivery orders
•  Dispatch approved delivery orders to customers with recording delivery details
•  Manages storage spaces by allocating certain stock to different warehouse positions

Financial & Reports

•  Extensive reports on purchases, sales, stock, repairs, profit & loss
•  PhoneTrack records all stock movements and never updates stock to new amounts, therefore:
•  Reports can be generated even for a chosen period of time in the past not only for present time
•  Ex 1: Stock available on Nokia 9210 for May, 19th, 2004 - 10.00 AM
•  Ex 2: All prepay sim cards sales to customer X between July 6th - 10 AM and July 8th - 6 PM
•  Ex 3: Service department ( or all company ) profit & loss for last 19 days
•  All reports can be organized by different criteria: customer/supplier, date, product, brand, etc

•  Pricing policy - service pricing, stock sales pricing flexible configuration
•  Invoicing - generating customers final invoice fully editable
•  Controlling discounts and markups for both suppliers and customers
•  Labor cost control - each role within the company can be assigned with a standard wage/hour
•  Documents management - searches, listings, reports on sales orders, delivery notes, invoices
•  Performance/cost analyzes on each workman or by departments

Human Resources:

•  Work efficiency control - reports about individual employee or on whole department activity
•  Task reports - total/average time spent on different tasks by individual or whole department
•  Responsibilities management - task assignment procedures to individuals or departments
•  Restraining lack of responsibility situations during work


•  Work stations management - entire company structure can be configured and controlled
•  Users control - logged in users can be tracked by location/department/workstation
•  Reports on best selling goods and specific customers' preferences
•  Customers reports - total/average sales, purchases, discounts, related to certain period
•  Spare parts usage reports - related to department/employee/actions on costs and prices
•  Sales/purchases reports - related to salesmen/customers/products/brand for different periods
•  Extensive report-building capabilities on manager's discretion that easily retrieve , group and    analyze any information from all data bases in a variety of combinations, using a powerful    filter/sort engine

Internet Tracking Routines:

•  Customers from outside company's premises can check the status of their orders via internet
•  On request, this function can be made interactive so customers may place orders online

Internet Interconnectivity:

•  Between different locations of the same company
•  Between company's headquarters and street shops
•  Between company's different shops
•  Dynamic search routines upon all locations with booking / sales order facilities
•  Emitting sales documents for another location


•  Currencies - setup used trading currencies
•  Products - setup trading products, record products' details
•  Counterparts - setup customers, suppliers, service customers and more
•  Users & Roles - setup system users and their security permissions
•  Work & Store Places - setup locations, departments, workstations and storage space
•  Packing Units - setup packing units with details specific to warehouse operations
•  Action Types - setup specific actions performed in service
•  Fault Types - setup specific mobile phones faults
•  Other - setup quality grades, brands, VAT quota, product types


PhoneTrack Enterprise will be delivered with:

· Dongle
· Software CD
· Installation manual
· Help & Users manual
· Between 8 and 12 weeks of extended technical support included, depending on the number of   licenses acquired



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