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Resellers, Key Accounts and Affiliates are individuals/companies interested in promoting and distributing CODECsoftware products.

•  Adding banners to GSM related sites with links to our webpage.
•  Adding CODECsoftware section on the promoter's web page.
•  Adding products section on different forums and discussion boards at promoter's discretion.
•  Adds in local GSM related magazines or newspapers.
•  Promoting CODECsoftware products in different local or international exhibitions

The information provided will help us evaluate any potential partnerships. Once you have completed the form, click on Send to submit your application. After submitting the partner registration form, you will be contacted by CODECsoftware representative to conclude final business agreement.

CODECsoftware also organizes training courses for partners on:

•  how to use PhoneTrack system
•  how to administrate and configure PhoneTrack databases
•  how to train other users in using PhoneTrack
•  how to configure Apache and MySQL Servers for maximum security

Inquire about training, by emailing to

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