PhoneTrack - Consultancy and Implementation Services

The implementation services are addressed to end users, and also to systems administrators who afterwards have to assure internal support to the end users of CODECsoftware products.

The system implementation process is fast due to the performant methodologies used and to the training services provided. The return on investment is immediate and it is reflected in important savings of time and money.

According to the company's organizational structure, business practices, and operational procedures, there are different implementing methodologies that can be chosen for insuring that enterprise applications are in close alignment with the business model.

Anticipating the multitude of problems that medium / large companies face, CODECsoftware offers a set of consulting services for insuring the system's adaptability to the company's specific needs. Furthermore, the technical consulting services provided are designated to help the company's staff to solve the problems that may appear regarding internal organization structure, hardware and software technologies, system maintenance, training and technical support.

Information Services

•  Online answers to issues concerning CODECsoftware products utilization
•  Online consultancy regarding customization requests

Help Desk

•  Online services assistance. All service will be provided remotely by phone or email
•  Records customers customization requests and tracks them until final implementation

Project Management

•  Ensures custom built PhoneTrack implementations by identifying client's specific needs
•  Case analysis & design
•  Implementation planning
•  Coding & testing
•  Implementation
•  Maintenance of implemented project and necessary documentation
•  Training Services


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